Learning Objectives

  • History of Bonding Agents
  • Benefits and challenges of the various generations of Dental Adhesives
  • Etching Techniques Benefits and Challenges
  • Etchant Chemistries and their use cases
  • Short history of Bioglass
  • Mechanics of Bioactivity in a Dental Adhesive

Dr. John Kanca

Dr. John Kanca, III is a graduate of the University Of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. He maintains a private practice in Middlebury, CT, with emphasis on cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Kanca has published over 50 original articles and abstracts in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Kanca’s work has revolutionized the field of adhesive dentistry. He gave validation to etching of dentin with phosphoric acid, proved that resins can be used as pulp capping agents, discovered the concept known as wet-bonding and has contributed significantly to the understanding of how resins attach to dentin. His latest work involves the proper method of initiating light-activated resin composites and has created the protocol known as pulse activation.

Dr. Kanca has received many honors, including the Gordon Christensen Award, the Albert Knab Award, the William Gies Award, the Larry Pearson Award, and the outstanding Achievement Award. Dr. Kanca is an active member of the AAED and has lectured at every major meeting in the United States and around the world.

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